Tech Comm to present at 53rd Annual AOC Convention

Tech Comm is pleased to announce that we will once again be presenting at the forthcoming AOC Convention later this month. Tech Comm will be represented by Jeff Kunkel, President and CEO and Jim Andem, Director of Business Development and New Products Design at Exhibitor booth #430. We will have on display our next generation DF Processor the TC-373, the TC-3000PPS tactical receiver which together comprises our latest DF system the TC-9300, the smallest and lightest weight DF system on the market today.

The optional COMINT GUI for the TC-9300 system adds advanced signal intercept, control and DF functions which we will be demonstrating. These products represent the culmination of our latest technological innovations to date so you won’t want to miss out on the information that we have to share with you.

The new TC-9300 system combines an advanced digitally implemented algorithm DF Processor utilizing a high performance miniature 24 cubic inch, 16 oz. SDR tuner-digitizer. The total weight of the combined system is a mere 2 lbs. and consumes only 35 watts. For the full data sheet please click HERE. The optional comprehensive operator GUI is Windows based and provides system control, BIT status, RF/Baseband spectral displays, DF LOB plots, moving map display and mission data logging. It has a very wide range of applications from frequency management to tactical mission based assignments and SAR. Please take a look at our demo video of the GUI ahead of the show. We think you will find it to be a very informative overview of its capabilities.

TC-9300 system
TC-9300 System

The TC-9300 can be combined with any of our wide range of DF antennas to suit mission requirements and frequency areas of interest between 30 and 3000MHz. The SWAP is exceptional allowing for usage on airborne, shipboard, UAV/UAS, person carry and vehicles. Due to the SWAP the processor and receiver systems can be mounted remotely with display fed to a separate laptop or Windows based tablet or utilized as an additional component to the onboard network.

The TC-9300 system uses proven, in-production COTS equipment configured into custom enclosures for transportable, bulkhead mount, on the move, leave behind and fixed applications that are mission and platform specific. This approach provides a ‘Customized COTS’ solution tailored to the end users’ specific needs rather than the more common COTS equipment in the market today.

Also new is the TC-9200 available for commercial export. The TC-9200 utilizes the same components as the TC-9300 with different firmware that qualifies the system to be exported under a commercial export license to foreign countries that are not ITAR restricted countries. You will find more information and a data sheet on the TC-9200 HERE.

TC-8111 Airborne DF Array

Additionally, we will have our TC-8111 DF antenna which is currently flying on many of the CV-22’s today and used in a number of vehicle applications. We welcome you to take a look at its data sheet as well.

In addition to the aforementioned equipment, we will have information to share with you about our entire line of antennas, processors and receivers. This will be your opportunity to get caught up on everything that Tech Comm has to offer as well as a glimpse at where we are headed.

We welcome all of you to stop by and see us. Again, we will be at booth #430 and we are really excited for the show this year. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions or concerns prior to the show. Click the button below to be taken to our contact page.