Tech Comm integrates with Krypto 500 and 1000 Signals Analysis Packages

Bozeman MT and Fort Lauderdale, FL – COMINT Consulting announced that their Krypto500 and Krypto1000 decoding software suite is now fully compatible with radio direction finding (RDF) equipment designed and manufactured by Tech Comm, Inc. of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Krypto500 and Kypto1000 can now be used with Tech Comm’s TCR-1000 series MF/HF receivers, which are Software-Defined Radios (SDR) designed for all-mode coverage of the MF/HF spectrum. The TCR-1001 offers coverage from 200 KHz to 30 MHz with a color touch screen, 200 memory channels and DSP noise reduction. The TCR-1002 covers 500 KHz to 30 MHz.

Tech Comm receivers are used by Allied military, intelligence and law enforcement intelligence and interdiction agencies for air, sea and land-based operations, including search and rescue (SAR) and unmanned platforms such as UAVs . Tech Comm equipment is also utilized in other diverse applications such as spectrum management.

The defense and intelligence agencies that have come to rely on Tech Comm for reliable, quality Direction-Finding and SDR equipment now have the power to conduct COMINT operations. They can manually or automatically scan, collect, detect, record and fully analyze as well as demodulate and decode target signals. Immediate, precise and actionable intelligence is possible when the accuracy of specific-signals classification and superb geolocation are combined,” said the President of COMINT Consulting. We are dedicated to pinpointing terrorist, smuggler, narco-trafficker and other criminal threats wherever they broadcast so we’re pleased to have Tech Comm as a partner in this ongoing engagement.

The Krypto500 decoding software suite provides 55 more decoders than any comparable software and offers 25 times more classification detail than modulation recognition techniques, identifying specific equipment and users. It is recognized internationally for its accuracy in determining which signals contain actionable intelligence, and which are relevant to today’s SIGINT professionals.


COMINT Consulting leads the COMINT/SIGINT field with more collection points, modes, linguists, spectrum analysis and surveillance targets than any other signal intelligence provider. With more than 30 years of SIGINT experience, COMINT Consulting is trusted by agencies such as NSA, NATO, CIA, the U.S. Department of Defense and many others.