TC-9300 DF Processor System

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TC-9620 Tuner-Digitizer, TC-373 DF Processor, and Windows Based Mission GUI


  • Multi Role System for DF and COMINT Signal Intercept and Analysis
  • VHF and UHF 30-6000 MHz Direction Finding, 20-6000 MHz Signal Intercept
  • Advanced Digitally Implemented Proprietary Algorithm DF Processor
  • Additional 20 to 6000 MHz COMINT signal intercept channel(s) option
  • SWAP compliant for man carry, leave behind, UAV/UAS platforms
  • Shipboard, Patrol Boat, Airborne and Vehicle configurations
  • Uses rugged laptop, Windows based tablet or Droid
  • DF Processor and Receiver(s) integrated into DF antenna base, no RF down-leads
  • Mission/Platform specific DF Antenna Arrays (tactical fold-up, airborne, shipboard, vehicle)
  • Configurations to support On-The-Move (OTM) operation
  • Comprehensive Operator GUI, built-in compass and GPS
  • DF and Signal Intercept for AM/FM/SSB/CW and complex signal formats (3rd party software option)

System Description

The TC-9300 Tactical DF System provides advanced geo-location capability over the 30 to 3000 MHz range with an option for 3000MHz to 6000MHz coverage, and signal intercept over the 20-6000 MHz range in a next-gen single channel architecture. From 1 to 3 COMINT signal intercept and analysis channels can be added for simultaneous DF and COMINT functions. The system is designed for tactical ground, vehicle, shipboard, airborne and leave-behind applications. Systems are complete with a choice of DF array to fit the application, DF receiver channel (SDR tuner-digitizer), DF processor/demodulator, choice of rugged PC, tablet or Droid and battery pack/AC-DC power adapter. Windows based software and GUI is provided for system control, BIT status, RF/Baseband spectral displays, DF LOB plots, moving map display and mission data logging. The receiver channel and DF processor is mounted at the antenna location eliminating the requirement for long RF coax cable runs. The system includes a built-in GPS and electronic compass and accepts external platform NAV data. The TC-9300 provides direction finding and signal intercept for AM, NBFM, WBFM, USB, LSB, CW and PM signals. Optional Krypto500/1000 and Signal Works/Mod-Rec decoding, classification and analysis software packages are available to address a wide range of complex signal formats.


DF Frequency Range
30-3000 MHz, option for 3-6 GHz
Signal Intercept range
20-6000 MHz, uses DF channel or separate 1>3 COMINT channels
System Noise Figure
10 dB VHF/UHF, 12-14 dB SHF, typical
DF Array
8-element broadband slot annular or broadband panels
DF Methodology
Single channel phase/amplitude, proprietary algorithm, 8 port goniometer/commutator/combiner
DF Accuracy and Resolution
4 degrees RMS test chamber/test range, 4-7 degrees RMS deployed (environment dependent), 1 degree resolution
DF Measurement
8 MSec,, internal/external ‘tip-off’ command with LOB confidence factor
DF Processor
Phase/amplitude digitally implemented proprietary design. Built-in compass/GPS and ext. NAV data interface, external DF cueing and event time stamping
Receiver Channel
High performance SDR tuner-digitizer, rugged mini-brick, 60 uSec. tuning time, 16-bit A/D, 120 dB dynamic range, Ethernet I&Q output stream
System Computer
Rugged MIL-STD-810, choice of laptop or tablet, 64-bit windows CPU, 2.6 GHz processor, 8GB SDRAM, 320GB HDD, 1 GIgE/ USB 2.0 ports
Signal Processing
Performs DF on AM/NBFM/WBFM/LSB/USB/CW and PM signals. Optional Krypto 500 or 1000 software supports classification, decode for over 2500+ plus complex signal types
GUI Screens
System Control: Receiver operation, DF processor modes, system BIT, outside world interface set-up, signal search and DF (auto, manual and directed), touch screen, mouse and display
System Displays: RF and baseband spectral, mouse click on signal receiver tuning, band-scope, BIT panel, LOB and geo-location display on moving map, mission log, Remote/Local hand-off for DF
Audio Outputs
800 mW, 8 ohm mono; 600 ohm balanced line
Designed to meet but not tested to applicable MIL-STD-810F methods and procedures
Power Requirements
35 Watts, 10-36VDC external, or AC power adapter at 90-260VAC/48-63Hz input, high density Lithium-Ion battery pack equivalent to BA-5590 (single channel system)
Varies per configuration; Tuner-Digitizer, 3.0”W x 6.0”L x 0.75” H, DF Processor 3.25”W x 6.25” L x 1.2” H; DF Assembly 10”W x 14”L x 2”H
Tactical, fold-up DF array, rugged tablet, single channel, 17 lbs. OTM and platform versions vary



Windows Based Mission GUI

The TC-9300 is provided with a comprehensive GUI screen set for system control, receiver channel set-up, signal search and monitoring, DF functions, system status/BIT, RF and baseband spectral displays, DF polar plots, DF LOB’s on moving maps, data/mission logging and record/playback functions.  The above shows typical displays for the primary system functions presented on a single drop down.  Separate, expanded, drop downs for each function may be selected.

Compass Screen for LOB
Compass Screen for LOB


TC-9620 Tuner-Digitizer DF Receiver Channel (also used for add-on COMINT channels) & TC-373 DF Processor
TC-373 DF Processor PCB
TC-8120 Vehicle DF Array
TC-8111 series Airborne DF Array, installed on Osprey V-22 and Challenger 604 platforms
TC-6527 DF Array, 8-element shipboard applications, on USCG cutters and patrol boats
TC-6526 DF Array, 4-element, shipboard, USCG