TC-8111-3E And TC-8111-6

Choose your Frequency Range

The TC-8111-3 is a Three-Bay Annular Slot Direction Finder Antenna providing accurate DF measurements over a broad 30 to 3000 MHz frequency range while the TC-8111-6 model boasts an increased range of 30-6000 MHz.

BIT (Built-In Test)

Verify DF array performance via GUI screens used with companion DF Processor.

Many Mounting Options

Furnished with an integral 22.0” diameter ground plane for use on tripods, non-metal vehicle or platform surfaces. Mounting kits are available to match specific applications.

Crystal Clear Signal

Low noise, high 3rd order preamps (LNA’s) are used with combining and switching circuits to provide a clear signal.


Choose your Model

Single channel and dual channel models available. Single is in a ¾ ATR box, the dual in a full ATR box for simultaneous DF and COMINT functions.

advanced geo-location

30-2000 MHz, 30 to 3000 MHz or 30-6000 MHz range in a next-gen single channel architecture

Multiple applications

Designed for tactical ground, vehicle, shipboard, airborne fixed/rotary wing and UAS/UAV applications.

Windows based software and GUI

Provides BIT status, RF/Baseband spectral displays, DF LOB plots, moving map display and mission data logging.