who we are

Tech Comm designs and manufactures radio direction finder (DF) and COMINT equipment for airborne, maritime, and other missions. Tech Comm’s products are commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions and we work with customers to build custom modifications that meet mission demands. Tech Comm’s systems seamlessly integrate into existing mission management software, and with other situational awareness inputs via our API.

Tech Comm has designed and manufactured radio direction finder (DF) and COMINT equipment for more than 30 years. We are proudly U.S.-based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and currently partner with domestic and international customers. 

Tech Comm’s systems are optimized for airborne and maritime applications, and we also provide ground-based and mobile solutions. Most of our systems are anchored by our SWaP-optimized TC-8000 series antennas, and Tech Comm also provides processors and receivers to deliver turn-key DF and COMINT systems.


Tech Comm’s equipment is used by a range of military and civil customers, both U.S. and international. Our products support search-and-rescue, reconnaissance, surveillance, interception, and targeting missions.

We are a leading supplier to the U.S. Coast Guard in its search-and-rescue and expanded anti-terrorism role – Tech Comm equipment is fielded on all 87′ Marine Protector class and 154′ Fast Response Cutters among other U.S. Coast Guard vessels.

Tech Comm has a network of domestic and international sales representatives who can provide our customers with expert service, support and product knowledge within the countries that they represent. Please contact us at to learn more.