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Customized COTS

We Design and manufacture airborne, seaborne and ground-based radio direction finder (DF) equipment that is customized to your requirements.

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 Tech Comm, Inc. of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, designs and manufactures airborne, seaborne, ground-based, mobile and person portable radio direction finder (DF) equipment. The radio direction finding equipment is used by military, intelligence agencies, Homeland Security, both U.S. and foreign, for reconnaissance, surveillance, interception and targeting. Other applications include search-and-rescue (SAR), UAV platforms and spectrum management.We also design and manufacture the highly specialized, environmentally hardened radio direction finding antennas for use with radio direction finding processors.Recent military craft using our DF processors and antennas depicts above in the slider.We are a leading supplier to the Coast Guard in its search-and-rescue and expanded anti-terrorism role. Major programs using our radio direction finding processors and antennas include:

The 87’ Marine Protector class, currently on all 73 boats.  Tech Comm equipment is fielded and utilized on all vessels of this class.
The 154’ Fast Response Cutter.  Tech Comm equipment is fielded and utilized on all vessels of this class.

In addition, Tech Comm’s development and supply of special purpose radio direction finding systems in unique airborne platforms and unconventional shipboard applications have provided enhanced capabilities in support of covert U.S. military operations and international law enforcement activities.

In recent years Tech Comm has undertaken an extensive redesign program incorporating in our products leading-edge technologies and capabilities, while at the same time increasing the flexibility and efficiency of our manufacturing processes. The success of this redesign program has coincided with U.S defense and intelligence agencies’ urgent need for increased reconnaissance, surveillance and interception.